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Safety First

Nurses Who Volunteered for Testing Event in Gardena

August 2021

Gardena, CA

First thing when we start the day, think, "safety first". We clean our hands with soap and water. Today it is a must to wear a mask, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. We venture outside of our shelter and hope and pray this relentless virus will not win over our immune system. “An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.” It means we are aware of our surroundings, we veer towards the safe side, do the right thing and listen to the data science offers us.

We take care of ourselves first before we can take care of another. But it is never easy. We are called to do our task, we go to work because we want to feed our family and stay stable in these pandemic challenges. Who do we turn to when challenges arise? Who do I ask? What should I do? Ask the Doctor.

Safety First

I tell everyone to please be vaccinated. Get over your fear of the needle, or your civil rights to refuse, or to make a statement that you are anti-vax. The regrets coming from patients before their last breath has been heard and everyone who hears it would say I wish I could have

done more, and it is too late. And the front-line health care workers are taking their own risk of exposure every minute of their working day. And they too have lost their lives saving others. Remember, safety first.

We are all mortal. If we are born, there will come a time when we die. We are given time to be born, a time to die. We live in the space we are providentially assigned where Life develops us into fully developed human beings. And as Life unfolds we journey into contingencies that drive our passions. Action speaks louder than words. We are therefore driven by the eternal question, why am I here? Who made me come into being? Who chose my parents and siblings? What is my purpose on earth?

By now you can tell I am a Christian who believes in life after death and is centered into the Teachings and Life of Christ. My life story is simply said, I come from a developing country as an only daughter of seven siblings, with a stoic military father and a lofty, loving mother whom I remember saying, “My only daughter is going to be a Doctor and help many people and oh yes, she can.” This catapulted me to the United States when I was 25 years old on a fly-now-pay later plan, and now, 55 years later, I am still practicing as a Primary Care Physician for 52 years. By the grace of God. I love what I do, surrounded by people whom I love dearly and I can only think of my grandchildren someday stepping up to the plate and sharing life as I did.

So let us think, "safety first". Stay safe and healthy and grow wisely as we grow older and share what we have. If I tell you I am healthy and you are not, I have to work harder to make you healthy and that’s my goal, to make a healthy village, wherever I may be. Will you join me?

Jenny L. Batongmalaque, M.D.


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