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Honoring the Legacy of Freedom

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

July 29, 2021

Carson, CA

Philippine Consul General Edgar Badajoz and Mayor Pro Tem Jim Dear of the City of Carson joined in commemorating the 80th anniversary of the establishment of USAFFE on July 26 and 29, 2021 at the E.R.B. Foundation Tent Event.

The Event started with Testing for Covid-19 sponsored by the Argent Medical Group and observed wearing masks and safe distance sitting. The documentary video was shown to the audience before the program which prompted the audience to focus on the historical perspectives of the occasion.

James Balaoro, a young minister student of a Pentecostal Church gave the Invocation. Dr. Jenny Batongmalaque, Executive Director of the Filipino Veterans Foundation welcomed those who gathered for the event and introduced the Guests.

The video of ConGen Edgar Badajos gave his greetings and appreciation to those who honor the USAFFE and the men and women who served in WWII. “The Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles and the Filipino Community in Southern California join you as we salute our Veterans and their departed comrades and express to them our nation's profound gratitude for their sacrifices that gave us back the life of freedom in the midst of the darkest years of our history. Mabuhay ang ating mga Beterano!”

Mayor Pro Tem Jim Dear attended both gatherings on the 26th and 29th and he too gave his historical perspectives lessons to the young volunteers of the E.R.B. Foundation, students of AMA, Carson High School, and the Manuel Dominguez High School of Compton. He announced the $3 Million grant the City of Carson received from the State of CA, to expand the Park on Sepulveda and Figueroa. He is open to promote events like this to preserve the Legacy of Freedom.

Jane Galazo, 70 years old, shared her late father's story as a USAFFE soldier who endured the Death March and lived to have her as one of his 7 children after the war. As she was reminiscing on this history she received a call from her nephew in the Philippines that the dog-tag of her father was found just last month among his personal effects. “When we remember our loved ones, they live and never left us!” said a widow of a USAFFE.

The former Mayor of Abucay, Bataan province, Carlos Valencia, is the brother of Volunteer Zeny Alba. “Abucay is a historical part of the Bataan Death March and we are thinking of erecting a Museum of Heroes in the Town Plaza of Abucay. We hope to establish Research and Development so the youth can create a better world to live in. We are hoping to have the E.R.B and Filipino Veterans Foundation help us establish this dream.”

The Achievers and the Senior Volunteers gave a dance number called “Alay” to remember those who have gone before us, and also led the closing song, “God Bless America.”

Acknowledgments and thanks went to the Staff who made the event flawless and meaningful, led by Julie Balaoro, Vangie Beltran, Ben Ramos, James Balaoro, Matthew Pulido, Jane Galazo. Beth Adabzadeh,NP, and Melinda Canares. Sponsors of the event were the Argent Medical Group, FCL Ocean Import Dept., L.A. Regional Food Bank Program, and the E.R.B. Foundation.

J.L. Batongmalaque, MD.

Executive Director, FVF, ERB Foundation e-mail: FB: Erasto R. Batongmalaque FDN

23243 S. Main St., Carson, CA 90745


July 29, 2021.

Staff of FVF/ERB Foundation/AMG

Standing from left to right: Jane Galazo, Melinda Canare, MPT Jim Dear, Joseph Pascasio, Matthew Pulido

Seated from left to right: Samuel James Balaoro, Julie Balaoro, Dr. Jenny L. Batongmalaque M.D., Vangie Beltran, Beth Adabzadeh N.P.



The Filipino Veterans Foundation has an active membership of USAFFE Veterans and widows of USAFFE members. They have attended the virtual gathering on July 26, for a moment of remembrance at the E.R.B. Foundation Hqrs, in Carson, CA. They are as follows:

  • Cmdr. Emeterio and Aurea Corpuz

  • Ildefonso and Margie Quibin

  • Marcelino and Tita Gawat

  • Simplicio Mique

  • Felicisimo Berdos

  • Meliton Bantiles

  • Leonides and Natalia Crook

  • Adelaida Samson

  • Juanito and Olive Piamonte

  • Gregoria, widow of Constantino Pontillas

  • Helen, widow of Nicolas Casipe

  • Naty, widow of Julian Dologuin

  • Angelina, widow of Eliseo Tomines

  • Rogacion and Soledad Dagdag

May 31, 2013 - Former President of the Philippines Fidel V. Ramos (FVR) honoring chairman of the Filipino Veterans Foundation flanked by the USAFFE veterans at the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, Los Angeles. From left to right: Constantino Pontillas +, Juanito Piamonte, Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, Cmdr. Emeterio Corpuz, Eliseo Tomines +


Anyone who has any relation to a USAFFE unit is invited to join the Family of USAFFE membership.

Please send your data to James by e-mail: We invite you to join us in our next commemorative event on October 20, 2021, the 77th anniversary of Leyte Landing.

Heads up! Plans are underway in observing the 80th Anniversary of Bataan – A Day of Valor, in Abucay, Bataan, on April 9, 2022. -


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