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The Senior Assessment Center serves as the entry point to a client served by the ERB Foundation.

There are five areas of interest in responding to a need that arises in a mature individual's life:

A. Health care needs

B. Helping Hand

C. Housing, transient or shared housing referrals

D.  Hospitality for socialization

E. Heritage – preserving one's legacy

The Process:

  1. Assessment Survey*

  2. Intervention (Referrals}

  3. Monitoring (monthly visits)


*By appointment:

Julie Balaoro, M.A. - Interviewer

Monday thru Friday: 9:00Am to 10:00Am

Office: (310) 835-8365        Cell: (424) 757-2504







  ERBF office:

23243 S. Main Street

  Carson CA 90745   


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