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Filipino Veterans Foundation

Honoring Those Who Served

     The ERB Foundation, dba the Filipino Veterans Foundation,

 was founded to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged  mature individuals particularly those who were exposed to

armed conflicts in their youth.  

     The ERB Foundation's Heritage Society memorializes four important dates annually to commemorate the significant contributions made by the Filipino Veterans of WWII

   •  JULY 26, 1941, USAFFE Founding Day. When the United

States Armed Forces of the Far East was established under the

command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

    December 8, 1941.  Pearly Harbor and the Pacific Hemisphere was attacked, officially signaling the beginning of WWII.

  ☼  April 9, 1942.  Bataan Death March.

    October 20, 1944,  Leyte Landing with the fulfillment of the promise to return for liberation.

     These Memorial events are often held at the historic Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, under the auspices of the Los Angeles County Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs, befitting the contributions and sacrifices made by our veterans.

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